Nutanix: One Non-Operational Year (repost)

Nutanix: One Non-Operational Year (repost)

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Nutanix: One Non-Operational Year

Posted Originally on March 9, 2016 by raj

Please note that the Author has requested me to take down this post due to pressure from Nutanix. #Corporatebully #Legalaction

Funny thing is that Nutanix CEO responded to the customer’s blog saying that “…Unlike other big companies, we would *not* request you to take this blog down. …” (His comments attached below)

Sudheesh Nair, President @Nutanix reached out to me via Twitter telling me that this post actually increased their sales because how positive it was! So, I am confused Sudheesh, why the change of mind now? – Conversation attached below –

Here is the e-mail transaction between Roman and I – granting and revoking permission to post/delete this blog.

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