Hello again world!

Hello again world!

So what happened to the online presence?

The other day someone asked me “How come there is nothing on your website?” Instead of going into a discussion around why I chose to leave the main page empty with only certain links that I made available for my use and nothing public facing, I decided to setup the site that will allow me to do a bit of blogging.

I remember the first time I setup my website on AOL in 1995 and subsequently registering a domain name for both our church (http://st.peterschurchchicago.org) and my name and hosting a web server with guest book and a matrimonial site. (Oh how I wish I knew how to monetize that…) It’s been such a long time now looking back at all the years of the evolution of Internet and now social media.

So here it is, back on the saddle after a few years with a public facing site on the web.

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